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    Company Profile
    Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, we are amongst the leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Designer and Service Provider of Physical Testing Equipments, Package Testing Equipments, Pulp Testing Equipments, Environmental Testing Equipments and many more. All of these products are fabricated in accordance with international quality standards which makes them highly demanding in the market place. To say the least, under the able guidance of our mentor Mr. Vipin Kumar Agarwal, we are moving ahead on the path of glory. 
    Business Type Manufacturer , Service Provider , Designers,Supplier
    Primary Competitive Advantages
    • On time delivery of consignment
    • Experienced Workforce
    • Industry Leading Price
    • Transparent business ethics.

    OEM Service Provided No
    Production Type Automatic
    Product Range

    Paper Testing Equipment For Paper Mills Packaging And Textile Only

    Consistency And Level Control ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Freeness Tester ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Hand Sheet Former PAP 3053 ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Head Box ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Thune Type Model III RH3053 ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Thune Type Model II - RH3052

    PLC Panel ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Pulp Quality Testing Equipments ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Beating & Freeness Tester-Schopper Reigler

    Beating & Freeness Tester Schopper Reigler Type

    Beating & Freeness Tester-Canadian Type

    Hand Sheet Former ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Semi Automatic Sheet Former ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Corrugation Quality Testing Equipments / Package Testing Equipments

    Digital Box Compression Tester

    Microprocessor Based Box Compression Tester

    Concora Medium Flutter

    Puncture Resistance Tester

    Laboratory Heat Seal / Peel Strength Tester

    Environmental Testing Equipments

    Bod Incubator

    Environmental Chamber

    Laboratory Oven

    Muffle Furnace

    Bomb Calorimeter

    Quality Testing Equipment (Surface Coating & Printability For Paper Mills Only )

    Paper Testing Waxes ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Laboratory Calendar ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Lab Air Knife Coater ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Lab Bar Coater Or K Control Coater ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Printability Tester (PAP-Tech For Paper Mills Only )

    Motorised Basis Weight Control For Paper Mills Only

    Basis Weight Control Valve

    Head Box Control ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Level, Pressure & Flow Level Control ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Flow / Level Control ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Steam Control Device ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Cost Effective Steam And Condensate System

    On Line Automation

    Quality Control System

    Online QCS (On-Line Control System)

    Online DCS / PLC

    Online Boiler Automation

    Online AC Drives

    Online5 Ph Control

    Centralized Lubrication System

    Auto Guide for Felt & Wire For Paper Mills Only

    Auto Guide ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Bursting Strength Tester

    Quadrant Scales

    Bursting Strength Tester

    Microprocessor Based Tensil Strength Tester

    Digital Bursting Strength Tester

    Paper Moisture Tester

    Digital Weighing Balance

    Digital Quadrant Scale

    Static Blade Consistency Transmitter

    Laboratory Calander

    Rubber Bellow

    Auto Guide for Paper mills only

    Auto-Guide ( For Paper Mills Only )

    Rubber Bellow

    Auto Guide Without Manual ( For Paper Mills Only

    Physical Testing Equipments

    Electronic Grammage Tester

    Digital Quadrant Scale Cum Electronic Balance

    Infrared Moisture Balance Pap-2054

    Cobb Sizing Tester Pap-2055-A

    Cobb Sizing Tester Pap-2055-B

    Digital Moisture Meter Pap-2082(C)

    Gann Moisture Meter Pap-2082

    Water Absorption Tester (Klemn Type) Pap-2078

    Oil Penetration Tester Pap-2076

    Folding Endurance Tester Pap-2074(B)

    Folding Endurance Tester Pap-2074(A)

    Internal Ply Bond Tester Pap-2072(A)

    Electronic Crush Tester Pap-2071

    Paper Moisture Meter Pap-2082(B)

    Smoothness Porosity Tester Pap-2067(B)

    Smoothness Porosity Tester Pap-2067(A)

    Paper Electric Ash Incinerator Pap-2066

    Tensile Strength Tester Pap-2065(B-Ii)

    Tensile Strength Tester

    Tear Tensile Strength Tester

    Tear Resistance Tester

    Precision Thickness Micrometer

    Brightness Opacity Colour Tester

    Brightness Tester Reflectance Meter

    Precision Punch Die Cutter

    Precision Punch & Die Cutter

    Circular Cutters

    Strip Cutters

    Stiffness Tester

    Bursting Strength Tester

    Pulp Testing Equipments

    Fiber Classifier

    Wood Chip Classifier

    Pulp Disintegrator

    Rotary Digester

    Rapid Sheet Dryer

    Fiber Fractionator

    Floatation Cell

    Semi-Automatic Sheet Former

    Consistency Determination Apparatus

    Lab Valley Beater

    Environmental Testing Equipment

    PH Meter

    Digital Conductivity Meter

    Digital Humidity Meter

    Mechanical Products

    Rubber Bellow

    Cardon Shaft

    Shower And Nozzles

    Ceramic Elements

    Ceramic Scraper Type

    Ceramic Forming Board

    Ceramics For Uhle Box Cover

    Wear Resistance Ceramic Fittings

    Ceramic Pressure Shoe

    Ceramic Cover In Vacuum Suction Box

    High Strong Ceramic Dust Remover

    Ceramic Dust Remover

    Ceramic Shaper

    Ceramic Cover In Low Vacuum Box

    Micro Wave Consistency Transmitter

    Moving Blade Consistency Transmitter

    Concora Medium Flutter

    Static Blade Consistency Transmitter

    Laboratory Calander

    Beating & Freeness Tester

    Lab Air Knife Coater

    Bod Incubator

    Rubber Bellow

    Quadrant Scales

    Puncture Resistance Tester

    Shower And Nozzle

    Rubber Bellow

    Cardon Shaft

    Auto Guide For Paper Mill Machinery

    Manual Auto Guide for Paper Mill Machinery

    Auto Guide Manual for Paper Mill Machinery

    Auto Guide Palm Sensor for Paper Mill Machinery

    Paper Mill Machinery for Doctoring Arrangements

    Doctoring Arrangement Machinery

    Pulp Mill Machinery

    Flotation Deinking Cell

    Mid Consistency Cleaner

    Hi-Consistency Cleaner

    High Consistency Pulper

    Broke Pulper

    Drum Pulper

    Paper Machine Spares

    Rope Carrier

    Wire Stretchers

    Pneumatic Felt Stretcher

    Palm Sensors

    Hydraulic Felt Stretcher

    Pressure Screen Baskets

    Paper Mill Dryer Section

    Paper Mill Dryer Section

    Dryer Section

    Paper Mill Head Boxes

    Durable Head Box

    Pressurised Head Box

    Calendar Machines

    Calendar Rolls And Machines

    Horizontal Brush Calendar Machines

    Soft Nip Calendar Machines

    Rewinder Machines

    Rewinder Machine

    Rewinder Machines For Pulp Industry

    Fiber Fractionating Screens

    Tissue Paper Machines For Paper Mills Only

    Vacuum Formation Tissue Machine

    Tissue Paper Making Machine for Paper Mill

    Fourdrinier Yankee Tissue Paper Machine

    Cylinder Mould Formers

    Paper Mill Machinery

    Double Drum Pressure Screen

    LC Pressure Screen

    Drum In Flow Coarse Screen

    Inflow Pressure Screen

    Low Pressure Pre Net Screen

    MC Pressure Screen

    Outflow Pressure Screen

    Upflow Pressure Screen

    Paper Mill Machinery Turnkey Projects

    Paper Mill Machinery Turnkey Project

    Vibrating Screen

    Brightness Tester

    Reject Separator

    Rotating Screen

    Stiffness Tester

    Fibre Separator

    Package Testing Equipments

    Scuff Tester

    Vibration Tester

    Pouch Burst Strength Tester

    Core/Cone Collapsing Strength Tester